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Sooke, British Columbia, Canada

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2015 celebrates 22 years of growing and selling seeds from our farm! You will find among our seeds many heritage varieties selected by generations for their excellent flavour and pest resistance. Also, you will find unusual varieties from Asia and Europe – prized by chefs from our best restaurants. More than 99% of Full Circle Seeds are grown at our farm ALM Organic Farm in Sooke and are certified by Islands Organic Producers Association. Our collard seed was grown out by Rachel Fisher on Three Oaks Farm (local, certified organic), and our basil seed was grown on Terra Nossa Farm (local, certified organic). Our butternut, delicata, dark star, potimarron and Queensland blue squash, chickpeas, pencil pod beans, marketmore cucumber, barley, oats, wheat, sugar snap and tall telephone peas were grown by us using organic methods on leased land at InishOge Farm, a local neighbouring farm. These local partnerships strengthen both our collection and our community

Full Circle Seeds are:

We grow our own seed and may have only limited quantities of some varieties. We do put varieties on our website that may not be in this catalogue; please check online for a complete listing of our seeds as well as additional planting information. Please note that although we are certified organic in B.C., this certification is not in effect for the rest of Canada or the USA. We offer a full guarantee on all our seeds. We welcome feedback and questions about our products and process.

Please note that for 2015 we will no longer being producing a print catalogue. If you would like to view a pdf of our 2015 catalogue click here

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